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During the IAAS World Congress, held in Chile from 16 July to 6 August 2013, the IAAS Italy put forward a proposal to host the ExCo Meeting in 2014. This commitment to the local committee of the ASA IAAS Sassari is a significant challenge that will be finished in the best way, putting the reality of Sardinia in the eyes of the whole world. The insularity characteristics of of our region make that a program such as the Ex-pro, an incredible opportunity for Sardinians students , offering internships and traineeships abroad that can train professionals with experience at international level useful for the future of our island .

The total budget of the initiative has been estimated at around € 32,000 , including the cost of meals , lodging, and move around the area at our expense , provided for 70 international participants .
To ensure that the Congress can take place under optimal conditions we are looking for companies that can support financially or logistically the initiative. As shown below, we offer wide range of possibilities.

To ensure an optimal return to our sponsors, we decided to limit the number of top sponsors, in order to optimize the partnership and provide the best advertising results.
Please be aware that all of the expected returns for different classes can be discussed and customized according to your preferences.
In addition to the large-wide possibilities , we offer to our main sponsors, spaces during the main event and subsequent activities and events sponsored by ASA Sassari in the year 2014.
To be precise, our sponsors will be visible during the entire course of the conference through their own logos, will be mentioned on our press releases and in the national report which is annually presented to the World Congress, will be present at the opening ceremony of the meeting, which is expected the participation of high-ranking universities and representatives from local institutions, there will also be possible to keep the logo visible during of subsequent events of 2014 such as the traditional festival of “Universitari in Piazza” in May, the Exchange week with Croatia , France, Spain and Switzerland in September 2014 and the conferences, meetings and events still in the planning stage.

The various possibilities of cooperation that we offer are:
Sponsor of 1st Class;
Sponsor of 2nd Class;
Sponsors of the 3rd class;
Sponsors ‘in kind’;

Contact us to discover the wide range of returns for your company!

Supports ExCoMeeting 14 “Seeding our values​​, growing the future”


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